Sheffield school in charity bid to make human food chain

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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A HUMAN food chain of Sheffield school pupils will carry about 3,000 items of food to a city charity in a daring experiment.

Tomorrow morning, All Saints Catholic High School students will line up from the school on Granville Road and stretch almost a mile down Queen’s Road, to the St Vincent’s de Paul furniture store.

They will pass 3,000 donated items of food – collected at the school over many months – down the line to the site, where it will be given out with furniture to vulnerable people after Christmas.

Paul Sharpe, associate deputy headteacher, said: “The aim is to send the message out about giving to those people who are needy.

“It’s very easy to give, but if you put some effort in it makes it all the more worthwhile.”

St Vincent de Paul collects thousands of items of furniture to deliver free of charge to vulnerable people in the city, who are referred to them by agencies, each year.

Thanks to All Saints, they will be able to hand out food parcels with deliveries next year.

Lorraine Healy, manager of the shop, said: “It is fantastic – we are always trying to think of innovative ways to get children involved with our charity.

“It was the idea of Bob Sawyer, the headteacher, to do this human food chain and I think at first they thought they would never be able to but they have.

“The food parcels will make a massive difference to vulnerable families.”

Organisers are praying the weather holds out for Thursday’s challenge, but are not sure whether they will be breaking any world records with the chain.

In total, 1,400 children are expected to take part after collecting and donating food to help others.

Mr Sharpe said: “This is an unprecedented event I think in Sheffield, I’ve never heard of anything like it.”