Sheffield's very own Jamie Vardy almost quit football to become an Ibiza rep

Jamie Vardy at Stocksbridge Park Steels
Jamie Vardy at Stocksbridge Park Steels
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Sheffield born Jamie Vardy was persuaded by Craig Shakespeare not to leave football and become an Ibiza rep.

The young England star, who started his football career at Sheffield Wednesday Academy and later went on to play for Stocksbridge Park Steels, questioned his role at the Premiership side during the summer of 2013.

Vardy found it hard during his first year at Leicester City and began thinking about his plans for after the season.

He contemplated quitting football all together to become a rep on the party island of Ibiza.

Fortunately however, Foxes boss Craig Shakespeare was able to convince him to stay.

In addition, Nigel Pearson and Steve Walsh were there to support Vardy in his time of need.

Shakespeare stated: "Our job is to support players,

"Sometimes they do have self-doubt and Jamie would be the first to admit he was going through a rough patch.

"Myself, Nigel [Pearson] and Steve [Walsh] were here to support him. All we did was told him about his attributes and that we thought he could go on."

He added: "We even mentioned then about not only playing in the Premier League but also he had the attributes to play for the national team. We told him we wanted him and believed in him.

"Thankfully he didn't go to Ibiza. I think he has made the right decision!"

The decision definitely was the right one, leading his team, scoring 16 goals to launch the Leicester city side into the Premier League and two years later to win it all.