Sheffield's Moor Theatre Delicatessen set to close in June and make way for 'high-street retailer'

Sheffield's Theatre Delicatessen
Sheffield's Theatre Delicatessen
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Sheffield's popular Theatre Delicatessen on The Moor is set to close next month as it makes way for a 'high street clothing store'.

Theatre Delicatessen opened in 2014 in place of the old Woolworths store and transformed the space into a highly-regarded hot-spot for productions, workshops and events.

The company focused on the "old unused spaces" which had not been touched for over a decade, for immersive and promenade performance practice.

However, with the redevelopment of The Moor almost complete, the company's producer Sarah Sharp confirmed their final events have been planned for the end of June.

Speaking to Vibe Sheffield, she said: "It’s been such a big team effort, everyone who has been in here has influenced the space in some way, which is so lovely.

“It’s been no shock to us, it’s probably more of a shock to us that we’ve had the building this long.

"Ever since we opened our doors, we’ve always had that uncertainty about how long we’ve got the building for, which is nice actually because it’s kept us on our toes.”

Ms Sharp said that the team were only ever able to plan their events three months in advance and the company's future in The Moor was never certain.

However, Theatre Delicatessen confirmed they will be remaining in Sheffield and have already found a new venue for their work.

Sarah told Vibe: “I think Sheffield really wants us to stay, people are worried about us going which shows how much Theatre Deli is needed here.

“We’ve found a new venue, we’ve got our heart set on it. It’s in the city centre, it’s weird and wonderful and derelict and disastrous and all these wonderful things!

"We’re just trying to get it signed, the negotiations have been going on since January.”

Theatre Delicatessen said it was their ambition to make their space in Sheffield a "vibrant community venue, providing structured opportunities to make art for both artists and non-artists".

Fresh rumours began circulating in April that high-street retailer would be the latest addition to The Moor redevelopment.

BBC journalist Andy Kershaw tweet that H&M would be taking over the former McDonald's building in Phase 3 of the redevelopment.