Sheffield’s medieval court rolls available to examine

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Neighbours seizing each other’s land and women being fined for not ringing the snouts of their pigs are just some of the unusual disputes which ended up at court in medieval South Yorkshire, according to historians at the University of Sheffield.

Historians have been working with volunteers and local groups from Tinsley to examine previously untouched medieval court rolls revealing a fascinating insight into the area’s history.

Dr Charles West, from the University of Sheffield’s Department of History, said: “The documents are records made by the local court in Tinsley which reveal all sorts of things about life in the area during medieval and early modern times.

“Many of the early documents are in Latin meaning that the collection was almost entirely inaccessible to current Tinsley residents and the local community. The aim of our project was to address this and make this unique window into Tinsley’s past more accessible.”

The documents have all been typed up and are available to view in Sheffield Archives on Shoreham Street.

The project’s findings will be discussed at the University’s Humanities Research Institute tonight at 7pm.