Sheffield’s Max is making a splash thanks to exercise cure

Scoliosis sufferer Max Brown
Scoliosis sufferer Max Brown
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A KEEN Sheffield swimmer with severe back problems has taken to the water again – after narrowly avoiding the need for a risky operation to have his spine fused.

Max Brown, from Highfield, was told by doctors he required the extreme surgery to cure his twisted spine, brought on after he developed Scheuermann’s disease and scoliosis.

However, instead of surgery, the 20-year-old lessened his symptoms by taking an exercise course which allowed him to enjoy his favourite pastime again.

He said: “I just feel so relieved.

“I no longer look like I am tilted forward and likely to fall over.

“If I hadn’t had the treatment I would have been facing surgery in the near future and would be looking at spending the next six months practically bed-bound.”

Max has had a curve in his back since childhood, which he thought was normal, until medics told him he had a serious twist in his spine.

Scheuermann’s disease causes the spine to curve forwards, while scoliosis causes it to twist to the side. If untreated, it can lead to fatal heart and lung problems.

Max was told the only solution was an operation, involving metal rods being inserted either side of the spine, before the bones are fused solid.

However, he later learned about a non-surgical treatment called ScolioGold, offered at a London clinic.

The remedy involves exercises designed for each patient, examining posture, using osteopathy and ‘trigger point’ muscular therapy.

Within weeks he noticed reduced pain, breathing improvements and a more symmetrical appearance.