Sheffield’s handy Dan desperate to find a new job

A4e I want to work'Danny Jackson
A4e I want to work'Danny Jackson
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PROVIDING for a family is important for any father. With a two-year-old son and another child on the way, Danny Jackson is more eager than ever to get a full-time job.

The 26-year-old has been looking for work for the past two years, but has only found temporary jobs in that time.

With a desire to do good old-fashioned manual labour, Danny hopes the new year will bring new opportunities.

Rather than staying at home relying on benefits, Danny works voluntarily for a firm carrying out gardening work and is keen to work in the great outdoors.

He might have green fingers but is also handy with a wrench, having studied mechanics at college after leaving school.

He said: “I’d love to do anything with gardens or cars. I like working with my hands. I’d love to be outside.”

Presenting himself as the prime candidate for a job can be difficult for Danny, as he has a criminal record – one conviction for assault.

Being forced to declare this has put off potential employers in the past, despite the fact he has worked hard to turn around his life and put his offending behind him.

He hopes that by signing up to The Star’s We Want to Work campaign, which has joined forces with A4E in a bid to help some of the 17,316 jobless people in Sheffield back into work, employers will recognise his determination to make a fresh start.

Danny, of Darnall, said: “I am a family man now. It’s been hard looking for work because nothing comes up or if it does it never lasts long.

“It’s all temporary stuff and they don’t tend to keep you on when you finish.

“I am fed up with not having a job. I love having a job and earning a wage and I want my kids to be able to see their dad goes out to work and earns a wage.”

Jane Kerr, of A4E, said: “Some of our jobseekers do have convictions on their records, but Danny speaks openly about it because he wants to show he is turning his life around. A job would help him to do that.”

n If you are an employer with a vacancy which could suit Danny, contact A4E on 0114 289 4700.