Sheffield’s closest race in Central turns into largest majority for Paul Blomfield

General election 2015 Sheffield count at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. Paul Blomfield, Labour, holds onto his Sheffield Central seat.
General election 2015 Sheffield count at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. Paul Blomfield, Labour, holds onto his Sheffield Central seat.
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One of the most dramatic and tight-run 2010 Sheffield results was turned into the city’s largest majority for Labour MP Paul Blomfield.

Mr Blomfield, who won against the Liberal Democrats by just 165 votes and after recounts five years ago, now has a majority of 17,309.

He said he was ‘delighted that the people of Sheffield Central have given such a vote of confidence in the Labour party.


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“I’ve tried to connect with people’s lives, with the politics of Westminster, to bring change through Westminster, to improve the sort of problems that people present to me.

“But above all I think that in my constituency people have rejected the widening inequality in which communities have been divided by the politics of the this Government.

“It’s clearly a disappointing night for Labour across the country, no bones to make about that.

“But I think the Conservatives need to be careful as well.

“They shouldn’t be triumphant about this because yet again they have failed to win an election - this is not a mandate to continue the same devisive and destructive policies.”

Sheffield Central had the most candidates - ten - and was targeted in particular by the Green Party, which hoped to win its first northern MP in the shape of Jillian Creasy.

Green leader Natalie Bennett visited the constituency - which is home to more students than any other across the country - twice in the run-up to polling day.

Nationally the party retained its MP Caroline Lucas in Brighton but did not gain any more.

Former Sheffield Coun Creasy, who was leader of Sheffield’s Green Part,y came second to Mr Blomfield with 6,999 votes.

In 2010 she secured 1,557 votes.

“It’s been very positive”, she said after the result.

“It seems like there have been a lot of second places for the Greens across the country and I think that is commendable really because there has been such a focus in the last couple of weeks by the media saying you have got to vote Labour or you have got to vote Tory to keep Labour out.”

Ms Creasy, who stood down from her councillor role in Sheffield Central to stand as an MP, said she needed to have a ‘rest’ after months of campaigning.

But she added: “There are all out elections in 2016 and that will be a very good opportunity for the Greens. I’ll certainly be involved.”

In third place in Central was the Conservative candidate, pushing the Liberal Democrats to fourth.


Turnout 61.35 per cent


Paul Blomfield (Lab) 24,308

Jillian Creasy (Green) 6,999

Stephanie Roe (Con) 4,917

Joe Otten (Lib Dem) 4,278

Dominic Cook (UKIP) 3,296

Steve Andrew (Communist) 119

Andy Halsall (Pirate Party) 113

Elizabeth Breed (Eng Dem) 68

Thom Brown (Above and Beyond) 42

Michael Driver (Workers Rev) 33