Sheffield’s Charlie Webster ‘nearly died’ but is out of malaria coma

charlie webster
charlie webster
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Sheffield television presenter Charlie Webster ‘nearly died’ from malaria but has now come out of her coma, her manager has revealed.

The Sheffield United fan and Sky and BBC TV presenter is fighting for life in a Rio hospital after contracting a rare strain of malaria on her way to the Olympic Games.

The 33-year-old, who attended Tapton School, fell ill after completing a 3,000-mile charity cycle from London to Rio.

She was admitted to hospital and medics initially thought she was dehydrated after completing a six-week ‘Ride to Rio’ challenge for charity.

It was later found to be a rare strain of malaria and today Charlie has been kept on dialysis because her kidneys were not responding to treatment.

She was being supported by a respirator.

“It’s been the worst imaginable time – we have been beside ourselves with worry but the fact Charlotte is now conscious is amazing,” her manager said tonight.