Sheffield rubbish row takes a new turn

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THE row over Sheffield’s bin collections has taken a further twist with ruling Labour councillors claiming opposition members have dropped their commitment to reinstating weekly black bin collections.

At December’s full Sheffield Council meeting, the opposition Liberal Democrats presented a motion stating “it would now be extremely difficult to revert back to weekly black bin collections”.

Labour claims the statement indicates Lib Dems would not provide the funding to reintroduce weekly collections if they were in charge of the council.

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for environment, recycling and streetscene, said: “It looks like they have finally accepted we had no other option, but to move to alternate week collection due to the massive cuts.

“Their campaign against alternate week collections has been merciless and politically motivated.”

Coun David Baker, Lib Dem spokesman for waste and recycling, replied: “The reason we’re in this position is because the council turned money from the Government that could have actually saved weekly bin collections.

“While other councils are benefitting by millions of pounds, Labour councillors in Sheffield refused to swallow their pride and accept the cash.

“The majority of people are wondering why Coun Scott has made such a pig’s ear of their local bin collections.

“Strikes at recycling centres, bin collections missed, thousands of complaints – Labour’s record really does beggar belief.

“It’s no wonder more than half of people think the new system isn’t working. What the council needs to do now is go back to the drawing board.”