Sheffield RSPCA give firework tips to pet owners

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It’s the RSPCA’s busiest time of the year with pets feeling stressed once the fireworks begin.

But firework phobia can be avoided, according to RSPCA Sheffield Branch Animal Care Manager Tony Benham.

Tony said: “Pet owners should plan ahead - and there are lots of things they can do.

“We sell a range of helpful products at our animal centre on Stadium Way in Attercliffe. We also have pheromone diffusers and herbal diffusers that can help dogs and cats feel calmer.

“If your pet is very fearful, your vet may refer you to a qualified animal behaviourist who will be able to advise on treating noise phobia through behavioural therapy.

“Other tips include providing constant access to safe hiding places such as a covered crate or box, closing windows and curtains, and turning on the radio or TV to mask the sounds.”