Sheffield road should have 40mph limit - motorists

Traffic queueing on Penistone Road in Sheffield
Traffic queueing on Penistone Road in Sheffield
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Motorists say plans to increase the speed limit on a stretch of Sheffield’s second busiest road should not have been shelved.

Changing the limit from 30mph to 40mph on Penistone Road, between Infirmary Road to Capel Street, will not go ahead as the council found it would save only 20-30 seconds and cost half a million pounds.

Ivan Eddake, a Star reader, said: “The speed limits on this road are mind-boggling.

“Out of city, from Netherthorpe Road to Owlerton, the A61 could easily handle a speed limit of 40mph.”

Others said the move was ‘anti-motorist’.

Coun Ian Auckland, Sheffield Liberal Democrat transport spokesman, said:“ With Sheffield among the most congested areas in the country, the council should be taking every opportunity to help reduce journey times .

“It seems in this case Labour’s anti-car mentality has got the best of them again.”