Sheffield residents worried by new train route

Greasbro Road, Tinsley.
Greasbro Road, Tinsley.
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RESIDENTS of a Sheffield street fear for the future after learning their homes could be demolished for a new high-speed railway line.

More than 50 homeowners on Greasbro Road, Tinsley, were contacted by the Department for Transport this week with news their homes were ‘at risk of being required for construction of the line’.

Initial plans for the northern route of HS2, from Birmingham to Leeds, via Sheffield, show the route passing straight through the middle of Greasbro Road.

Mother-of-five Fozia Farzana has lived on Greasbro Road her whole life.

The 31-year-old said: “These plans have obviously been around for some time, why are we only just hearing about them now?

“This is my home. My husband and I have invested time and money building an extension, because we were planning to stay here for a long time.

“My whole family lives on this street. It is a community in the truest sense of the word and there aren’t many of those left.

“Our children are secure here and we weren’t thinking about leaving so we have no money saved.

“Will these people offer us enough money to find somewhere we can be just as comfortable?

“I’m worried we’ll be left trying to find a house big enough for our family for £90,000 – we’ll end up on the streets if that happens.”

Greasbro Road has already faced heavy infrastructure projects – the M1, Tinsley Viaduct and Meadowhall shopping centre are on its doorstep.

Permission has also just been granted for a nearby waste-sorting depot.

Resident Nazia Perveen, aged 32, said: “Pollution is a problem here as a result of the motorway.

“Our windows are always dirty, washing on the line gets dusty and the houses vibrate from the traffic, but there are more important things that have kept us here and leaving should be our choice, not theirs.

“I can’t imagine most people will want to fight this, we just want to know we’re going to get the compensation we need to build a proper life elsewhere.”

This week, the DfT promised the £32 billion railway, which will link London to Birmingham before heading to Manchester and Leeds, would boost the Sheffield economy, creating thousands of jobs and greatly improve connections from the city to the rest of the country through reduced journey times.

High Speed Rail station to be located at Meadowhall


“How much slower would the route be were a train to have to come into the city and then reverse back out to join the main line? The idea is high speed and not necessarily convenience.”


“To me it’s the best choice. As for the city centre regeneration, if you’ve left it too long, as we have, it’s gone. No matter how hard you try, you won’t get it back. Sad to say, but Meadowhall is the new centre.”


“If it is located at Meadowhall, I will use it as I can drive there easily and park for free. If it is in the city centre, I will never use it as I cannot drive there easily, park easily or cheaply, and public transport from where I live to the city centre is dire.”


“Meadowhall is the obvious choice, because there is land and the route up the valley is already there through Beighton etc. It’s supposed to be high speed, so needs to be as straight as possible, but I could always say that why not put the station just off the Parkway in the old Tinsley marshalling yards.”


“I wouldn’t use it from Meadowhall, but would from the main Sheffield station. It is totally inconvenient for the west side, from which I would imagine most of the senior business travellers originate.”

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