Sheffield residents steaming over dog mess

Lyn Smith, of Beighton, has to avoid a lot of dog mess when she takes her pet, Tilly, for a walk.
Lyn Smith, of Beighton, has to avoid a lot of dog mess when she takes her pet, Tilly, for a walk.
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Fed-up residents have installed CCTV cameras to catch rogue dog owners letting their pets foul freely.

Householders spoke out after data uncovered by The Star’s Your Right To Know campaign showed the 10 worst streets for dog fouling complaints in Sheffield.

One Star reader said he had caught a dog owner regularly letting pets foul the path outside his house thanks to footage from a security camera – and forced him back to the scene to clean it up.

He added: “The front of my house used to be in the top 10 where I live. It got so bad I installed a camera. I’ve confronted several inconsiderate dog owners since.”

The worst street according to the data was Carnaby Road, Hillsborough, where 34 complaints over three years were made.

Five of the top 10 streets were in Hillsborough and neighbouring Rivelin and Walkley, while the others were in Grenoside, Lowedges, Greystones and Halfway.

Some readers said Shiregreen in Sheffield, Maltby in Rotherham, and Clowne in Derbyshire were also plagued by poo.

Ann Flyn said: “The amount of dog dirt on Swanbourne Road, Lane Top, Sheffield, is unbelievable.

“I might inform the council how bad it is and maybe the people responsible will have to shovel up or pay up.”

Others suggested tough measures to crack down on the problem.

One Sheffield mum wrote: “I suggest a three-strike rule, after which the culprit is banned from keeping animals for life.

“People that let their dog foul without picking it up are scum. My inquisitive toddler has nearly picked it up before. Countless times I have run the pushchair through it, and have to take out a tissue and wipe down the wheels before I can put it in the car. It is absolutely vile.”

Another reader wrote: “Every dog should be registered and its DNA taken, then any muck can be analysed for the guilty owner.”

The idea has been used in Germany, Israel and the USA, and mooted on the Isle of Wight.