Sheffield residents say parking restrictions are a "waste of money"

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Residents in East Ecclesfield have objected to Sheffield City Council plans to restrict parking in the area saying it will be a “waste of money”.

A report was published based on a consultation about the proposal which would ban people from leaving their vehicles on a number of junctions.

The total cost of the proposed plan was estimated at £1,800 for fees and charges.

It bans parking within 10m of certain junctions including Minister Road with Nursery Grove, Nursery Drive, Minster Close and Floodgate Drive.

In a report, council officers said the aim was to increase safety in the area and added: “The proposal improved visibility and safety for all road users…through the removal of parking that blocks sight lines both for pedestrians and vehicles and also obstructs traffic trying to negotiate these junctions.”

But some residents responding to the plans said the money could be better spent elsewhere.

In total three people responded to the consultation, two of which objected and one said the restrictions were not enough to tackle parking problems on Minster Road.

Residents objecting also said the parking currently calms the speed of passing vehicles and “the proposed restrictions would have a negative impact on visitors or residents that park on the street”.

The plans were proposed early last year when councillors received complaints about inappropriate parking.

The Council responded to residents concerns over the proposal and said: "Parking restrictions such as permit parking or pay and display have to meet a series of criteria and require a lot of financial resources to implement, that due to Central Government cuts are extremely limited in the current climate.

"Permits also require payment which receive a lot of objection even in more central busy commuter parking areas and tend to be part of 'whole area' plan rather than street by street due to 'knock-on' effects of moving any problems elsewhere."

Currently, people can park in and around the junction which the report states breaches the Highway Code.