Sheffield residents fight marquee plans

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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Tents are causing a stir in a Sheffield village – with residents opposing plans to keep them erected for up to 68 days a year.

Events firm Green Directions has permission to set up marquee-sized tents at Townfield Head Farm, Stannington, for 28 days of the year.

However, it is seeking permission from Sheffield Council for an extra 40 days – to avoid having to take them down between events.

Mark Woodward, company owner, said: “We want to avoid the waste of time and money involved in taking down and putting up tents within the same week when partner tent companies are working with us on consecutive weekends.

“We get caught in a trap with this technicality.”

However, residents and members of the Rivelin Valley Conservation Group are opposing the plans.

Resident Susan Thompson said: “Stannington is a quiet backwater. Roads are narrow and twisty and any event that increases traffic on these roads is dangerous.

“Events cause an enormous amount of noise pollution travelling long distances over the valleys. Permission should be turned down without hesitation.”

But Jay Ashton, owner of giant tent firm Totally Tipi, which works with Green Directions, said: “Should this application be turned down, our crew and I would be required to come on site, dismantle everything, then re-erect within the same week on the same site to conform to the 28-day rule.

“This could have a serious detrimental affect to our company financially.”

A decision is expected from the council within weeks.