Sheffield residents divided over Syrian refugee welcome

Sheffield residents divided over Syrian refugee welcome (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)
Sheffield residents divided over Syrian refugee welcome (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)
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This is what you’ve been saying about the crisis online:

Adam Moore said: “I see the utter hatred some people are posting here towards people they don’t know.

“Towards families fleeing death.

“Toward teachers, engineers, scientists, doctors, who you call scum because they had their cities destroyed by armies they did not support or fight for.

“And then I see your kids in your profile pictures, and it makes me incredibly sad.

“I hope your ignorance and hatred isn’t passed on to them. I hope they see Syrian kids in their classes at school and call them friend where you called them scum.

“I have been raging against you lot for days, tonight I just feel sorry for you.”

Barrie McAllen: “How many homeless people are there in Sheffield?

“How many people use food banks?

“How many people live in poverty?”

Elisabeth Fretwell: “I work to pay for all the English low lifes who drink and smoke all day and pay for all their free needles for their next fix.

“I would rather my money go to a family who is that desperate that they put their kids’ life in danger.”

Carla Barton: “Where will they live? What will they do?

“There are already problems with shortages in housing, unemployment and infrastructure capacity i.e. NHS at breaking point, cuts in public services, over a million Britons using food banks, 13 million British families in poverty thanks to cuts in tax credits and benefits.

“We already can’t cope after a net migration of 330,000 from the EU.

“Charity begins at home, British people need houses and jobs.

“And we already took in 7,000 refugees this year and spent over £80 billion in foreign aid to help refugees not only on their own countries but in other counties where they’ve escape too.”

Carrie Brown: “So all those UK families living in squalor waiting for years on the council list are to be shoved to the back of the list?

“So we’re to see more of our own our ex service men and woman scattering the streets in town?

“Yeah these Syrian refugees need a place to go I understand that but I thought you saw to your own first?”


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