Sheffield residents call for action 
over rubbish

Overgrown park and roadside bushes on Wincobank Lane, Wincobank.
Overgrown park and roadside bushes on Wincobank Lane, Wincobank.
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OVERFLOWING bins, an unkempt park and bushes growing out of control have caused concern in a Sheffield suburb.

Residents of Wincobank have complained about the problems to The Star and called for Sheffield Council to take action.

Joyce Townsend, a pensioner who lives in Standon Road, is among residents unhappy about bins in the area which became full to overflowing and were not emptied although she contacted the council for four days.

She said: “Myself and other residents have been unhappy about the bins, which are on Standon Road, Fife Street and Merton Lane. The state they are in has been an absolute disgrace. I made repeated calls to the council and to our local councillors to resolve the problem but the bins were still not emptied.

“How long does it take to send someone out to empty a few bins?”

Meanwhile, Sarah Hammond took photographs of overgrown bushes on Wincobank Lane, and the unkempt grassland within the small park just off the same street.

She said: “The park is now so overgrown with nettles children can’t play and they are so high under one of the benches that people cannot sit down.

“Meanwhile, you cannot walk on the street outside without the need to move on to the road to avoid the bushes. It is now prime summer time and school holidays. Sheffield Council should be ashamed.”

Sheffield Council said it had been taking action about both complaints.

Paul Billington, director of culture and environment, said: “Due to the unprecedented levels of rain in May, June and July, some delays occurred in grounds maintenance which we’ve been working hard to catch up with.

“Work has now been carried out in the Wincobank Lane area, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Coun Peter Price, whose Shiregreen and Brightside ward includes the area, added that he had raised the delays in the emptying of litter bins with the council’s Street Force service.

He said: “It is not normal for this to happen in Wincobank and bins in the area are normally emptied on a regular basis.

“I’m a little disappointed, especially with the amount of voluntary work that has gone on with members 
of the community 
working to keep the area clean and tidy.”