Sheffield residents call for action as verges reach 4ft high

Grass verges at Coisley Hill, Woodhouse, Sheffield are overgrown
Grass verges at Coisley Hill, Woodhouse, Sheffield are overgrown
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Unkempt grass verges across Sheffield are getting out of control - and angry residents are calling the council to tackle the issue.

Some grass verges are 4ft high and 'an accident waiting to happen' by obscuring motorists vision.

Grass verges at Coisley Hill, Woodhouse, Sheffield are overgrown

Grass verges at Coisley Hill, Woodhouse, Sheffield are overgrown

Robert Winder from Sothall said the problem was widespread.

He said: "I work all over Sheffield, and I know it's everywhere. Where I live it is a reasonable area, 95 per cent of people look after their properties, but the grass makes the area looks a mess before it's cut and after.

And he said the grass verge near his home on Hartland Avenue was left looking a mess after it was cut two weeks ago for the first time since it was cut last year.

"We're still paying the same council tax year on year, but the problem is just getting worse," he added.

Grass near Hartland Avenue

Grass near Hartland Avenue

"You can't blame the people cutting the grass, they're only come out when they're told. Also when the grass is so long people can have a problem picking up mess after their dogs. Once the grass is cut it spreads everywhere and it looks disgusting."

Residents from Ecclesfield are still waiting for the grass verge on Yew Lane to be cut.

One resident of Yew Greave Crescent, said: "There was an accident there on Monday and they cut tiny little strips away. The junction is on a slight incline and you need to be able to see traffic coming down, it's a 40mph road.

"The grass is 4ft high, it's an accident waiting to happen.

Grass verges on Rainbow Close, Hackenthorpe

Grass verges on Rainbow Close, Hackenthorpe

"My neighbour nearly hit a motorbike coming down the road because he couldn't see when pulling out because of the grass."

And residents say grass at the sides of the A61 between Southey Green Road and Grenoside is 3ft high.

"This is one of the main routes into our city and makes the city look shabby and run down. Not somewhere I would want to invest in," one resident said.

People in Mosborough say the grass is 'chest-high'.

Grass verges on School Street, Mosborough

Grass verges on School Street, Mosborough

One said: "I've rang the council on numerous occasions, they've blamed cuts. At Halfway down Windmill Greenway the grass verges are chest deep, they just aren't cutting them. They've been like that for months.

"If they can keep cutting trees down, why are we not getting our grass cut. A week goes by and another few inches grow. I'm 6 ft 2 and it's chest high in some places."

But Emily McManus from Beighton said: "All our verges have just been done around an Owlthorpe estate but only about one metre width is cut.

"I don't mind this as the footpaths are now clear and we can see better at junctions to turn. I quite like the wild flowers being allowed to grow but I do think it needs to be cut more often in important places."

Whilst another resident said: "If you take a drive down Donetsk Way you will see the currently length of the grass there. The grass on our grass verge hadn't been cut until Monday of this week, and it's been about 6 months since the last cut.

"We can find the money to cut down trees, but not to cut grass."

Graham Sykes from Beighton added: "It's a disgrace. Volunteers have been improving the area for years and it is undone through neglect."

Weather conditions have caused grass verges to grow at an 'unprecedented rate'.

Streets Ahead Account Director, Darren Butt said: “Due to an extended period of cold weather over the winter months, followed by long spells of warm weather, grass across the city has grown at an unprecedented rate.

"In addition, the colder weather at the beginning of the year meant that the grass cutting programme, which would usually begin in April, had to start later than expected, and so, the knock-on effect was that work on some verges has been unavoidably delayed.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay and can reassure people that we are doing all we can to ensure the programme gets back on track as soon as possible.

“In August 2017, as part of a review of the Council’s ground maintenance service, vital cost-saving changes were introduced and a Cabinet Report was approved resulting in an £800k annual saving for the next twenty years of the Streets Ahead programme.

"Whilst this means that a reduction in grass cutting will be seen on main routes and rural verges predominately, the changes to the programme will be agreed to ensure minimal impact on Sheffield residents and the affected roads are currently under review.

“What’s more, the reduction in grass cutting is in line with biodiversity best practice and will see both an improvement in the diversity of species in the verges as well as an increased potential for wildlife to nest and breed."

If you notice any grass growth which is compromising visibility on roads, you can report it to Streets Ahead on 0114 2734567.