Sheffield residents back petition to BAN firework sales after night of chaos on the streets

A petition calling on the government to ban fireworks from public sale has been backed by Sheffield residents after a night of chaos in the city.Â

Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 7:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 7:29 am
Fireworks in Darnall

Thousands of people enjoyed Bonfire Night celebrations in Sheffield on Monday night, including the After Dark event and a number of community displays. 

However, in other parts of Sheffield, fireworks were used as weapons by yobs; aiming them at cars and firing them at emergency service workers. 

Fireworks in Darnall

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Furious Sheffield residents have now backed a growing petition for the government to only allow fireworks to be sold to licensed venues for displays and not to the public. 

More than 200,000 people have signed the petition meaning parliament can now consider it for a debate. 

Amy Cullen, who started the petition, wrote: 'Every year fireworks are set off unnecessarily. 

'Fireworks are a nuisance to the public. They scare animals, young children and people with a phobia. They injure thousands of people every year. 

'They cause damage to buildings, vehicles, emergency vehicles etc. Lastly Kids are STILL being sold them.'

You can view and sign the petition here. 

The law states that you can only buy fireworks in the UK between October 15 and November 10 and only people over 18-years-old can purchase them. 

In Darnall, on Monday night, groups of youths were filmed on Staniforth Road stood on the street and aiming fireworks as cars pass. 

The attacks came after a Lantern Parade through the suburb earlier in the night.

Commander, Chief Superintendent Stuart Barton, of South Yorkshire Police, said there were incidents '˜throughout the night'.

Chief Supt Barton said the attacks were '˜reckless' and '˜mindless'.

Many residents in Sheffield have now backed the calls for fireworks to be banned from public sale. 

Stacey Suzanne Pickering said: 'Ban fireworks!!! Should have a licence for it for businesses doing displays, kids these days have no idea of the dangers they cause with their silly childish behaviour.'

Pauline Clayton Watson said: 'Ban fireworks, and just have organised displays, problem solved, when I was younger it was just on the 5th of November, now its from October onwards.'

Beth Orwin said: 'Time to ban fireworks on sale to the public and just have organised displays. In the wrong hands they are weapons and a serious accident just waiting to happen.'