Sheffield recycling centres hours change plan

Traffic queues to get into the recycling site in Blackstock Road.
Traffic queues to get into the recycling site in Blackstock Road.
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Sheffield Council has bowed to pressure to increase opening hours at one of the city’s busiest recycling centres.

The Blackstock Road site, in Gleadless Valley, had its hours reduced to just four days a week as part of council budget cuts – but is the busiest of all five sites across Sheffield despite the reduced opening days, according to council figures.

The site’s popularity led to huge queues, sparking safety concerns because the entrance is on a bend.

Now plans have been approved by Coun Jack Scott, council cabinet member for environment, which will see Blackstock Road opening six days a week, with the site open from Thursdays to Tuesdays and closed Wednesdays.

However, the proposals also involve closing two quieter sites for an extra day each week.

High Green recycling centre, on Greaves Lane, will be open Fridays to Tuesdays, and the Deepcar centre, on Manchester Road, from Thursdays to Mondays.

Alastair Black, council waste strategy officer, said: “The plan allows the service to be delivered in a more balanced approach.”

Opening hours at Douglas Road, Shirecliffe, open daily, and Beighton Road, Woodhouse, open Wednesdays to Mondays, stay the same.

Coun Joe Otten, opposition Liberal Democrat recycling spokesman, said: “I’m pleased Labour have finally accepted the severe problems at Blackstock Road.

“However, it’s not fair to rob Peter in the North to pay Paul in the South.”

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