Sheffield readers shocked by ‘poor’ roads rating

potholes in Sheffield city centre
potholes in Sheffield city centre
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FIGURES revealing the extent of Sheffield’s pothole problem have surprised readers of The Star - who thought the proportion of roads in bad condition would have been higher.

According to the Department for Transport, 8 per cent of all classified - A, B and C - roads in Sheffield were ranked as poor, the worst of any city in England.

But the network is set to be transformed from August once work begins on a £2 billion private finance initiative scheme which will see roads and footpaths resurfaced so they are all in top condition within five years.

Among readers who left comments on The Star’s Facebook page at was Paul Chapman, who said: “Hooray, it’s official. But just 8 per cent?”

Mick Ibbotson said: “Eight per cent poor, the rest are even worse than poor.”

Lisa Stephenson said: “I had to have my suspension done on the car, the car was only three years old.

“Good job it was under warranty as it would have cost thousands, thanks to the state of our roads.”

Danny Barrass called for motorists to be exempt from paying road tax until the problems are resolved.

And John Longstone Wilson-Wolfe said: “It’s just like being in a Third World country. Mind you, their roads are probably better than Sheffield’s.”

There were also calls for Sheffield Council to ensure that utility works are done before resurfacing projects, so new asphalt is not dug up again.

Chantelle Enright said: “It’s OK putting new roads down, but within a month, the gas companies will dig some up then electricity companies will come along and so on until you end up with roads looking like a patchwork quilt again.

“All the companies should get together do all work needed at the same time.”

Paul Thorpe said: “Interestingly the south-east is worse in the city.

“Yet, go to the more affluent parts of city, Dore, Fulwood, Ranmoor, Totley and the roads there so much better.”