Sheffield reacts to axe attack with show of support for '˜brave' police

An outpouring of support for the brave South Yorkshire Police officers who were injured during an axe attack has been seen on social media in the past 24 hours.

The Star readers and people from across the globe have reacted to the awful news that a female police officer needed surgery after an axe attack in Gleadless Valley.

Many have been moved to show support for the police hurt in the attack and have also commended the brave member of the public who intervened.

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Several people have also defended Gleadless Valley after the incident.

Joanne Richardson said: “Best wishes and speedy recovery to the brave men and women who keep us safe - such a hard job, and they deserve total respect from everyone.”

Michael Fogg: “Today this could have been a murder investigation. Give every police officer a Tazer. And give them the right to use it.”

Gloria Wilcock: “Wishing her all the best for a speedy recovery. I for one am grateful to South Yorkshire Police for all the work sometimes very dangerous that they do.”

Rachel Atkinson: “Absolutely disgusting that police officers should face this when they are doing a day’s work. Unfortunately now there is no respect and they need to have the appropriate tools for their work.”

Janette Andrews: “I think the police work under many restictions and should be commended for the work they do. Five were injured and that work load has to be spread around the already streatched police. One facing surgery. My thoughts are with those right now.”

Gaynor Louise Porter: “Hope the officers are going to be ok not alot of people have any respect for police but everyone at some point in there life will need their help.”

Abi Collins: “Hope the officers are ok. No one should get hurt just going out to work to earn money for their family.”

Philip Levick defended Gleadless Valley.

He said: “Lived on the Valley since I was three years old I’m now approaching 63 years old.

“The estate as stated earlier was the jewel in the crown of council housing and the estate won various awards from around the world for its design the way it was run.

“Unfortunately the council stopped caring and over the years we have had problem families from around the UK dumped on us don’t the alarm bells ring when another city boots a family out??

“When drug addicts and antisocial families were moved into the flats on Gaunt Road it became so bad that the flats were demolished and people moved on........but to where.?

“Regarding last night why were all these officers injured?

“Pepper spray, tasers and truncheons why wasn’t this guy taken down? Were the officers scared to use them because of the consequences after?

“All the years I have lived here I have never felt scared or threatened a lot of hardworking decent people live on this estate, don’t believe all the sensational rubbish you read, the Valley is still a great estate.”

Pat Waistnidge @grannypatt said: “This is the other face of Sheffield. Dark, menacing and violent. Even police officers aren’t safe anymore. #disgusted”

Jayne Dunn @JaynePDunn: “The bravery of this officer is a credit to @syptweet. Also to the member of the public who showed such selflessness.”

5heff said about the hero who intervened: “Whether you like it or not you are a hero pal, and I salute you. Most people nowadays would stand by filming the attack on their mobile phones, rather than trying to lend a hand and getting an injured officer out of harms way!”