Sheffield rapist struck two weeks after being released from prison

Ferdos Rabani
Ferdos Rabani
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A man who drugged and raped a Sheffield woman struck just two weeks after being released from prison.

Ferdos Rabani, aged 48, who is now behind bars for 24 years, offered a 34-year-old woman a lift home after spotting her walking home following a night out last April.

He was parked up on London Road when he offered the woman a lift, but instead of taking her home he drove her to a country lane on the outskirts of Dore and raped her.

It is believed he drugged his victim by offering her a cigarette laced with a substance which made her drowsy.

He was tracked down after giving his victim a fake name - Joshua Abdul - which he had used before and was detailed on police records.

Rabani, formerly of Seagrave Crescent, Gleadless, was sentenced to seven years behind bars in December 2001 for raping another woman.

Following his release from prison he was jailed for another 18 months for harassing a woman.

He was then jailed for another three years for threatening to kill a South Yorkshire police officer who was tasked with monitoring the rapist, who was on the Sex Offenders' Register.

Rabani had only been free for two weeks when he raped his victim.

PC Jessica Hawley, who investigated the attack, said: "The victim came forward due to the fact that she knew what Rabani had done was wrong and she could not forget about it. She states that she wanted to make sure he did not do this to anyone else.

"The victim read out her victim personal statement on the day of the sentencing in court. She told the judge that what happened has affected her health, it has made her anxious, nervous around men and she now feels that she can not go anywhere on her own.

"It caused her to drink to block out what she had been through. She told Rabani in court that he would have to think about what he did to her during his time in prison and she was now able to have some closure.

"Rabani is a danger to women and in my opinion the lengthy sentence he received reflects this. If there are other victims who have not come forward I would encourage them to. There are services who work closely with the police who offer invaluable support throughout the investigation and court process."

Call South Yorkshire Police on 101.