Sheffield pupils power saves pub

High Green Sainbury's Protest , at The Old Cart And Horse, With David Pepper, & Gary Wetherall
High Green Sainbury's Protest , at The Old Cart And Horse, With David Pepper, & Gary Wetherall
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Schoolchildren helped to seal a victory for people power as plans to demolish an old pub to make way for a supermarket were turned down.

Youngsters from High Green Primary School were successful in their plea to Sheffield Council’s West and North planning committee to reject proposals to build a Sainsbury’s at the site of the Old Cart and Horses Inn.

The 200-year-old former pub sits on Wortley Road, just a short distance from the school.

Pupil Michael Byrne, 10, told the committee: “This will increase traffic on narrow, busy roads risking the safety of pedestrians.

“Wortley Road is an area of special character.”

Children at the school also carried out a survey which found that 73 per cent of parents were not in favour of the plans. The pupils’ address summed up the feelings of hundreds of residents of High Green who have objected to the controversial application, in which the pub would be knocked down and a convenience store and hot food takeaway built in its place.

Coun Andy Bainbridge, speaking on behalf of Ecclesfield Parish Council, said: “Most people in High Green have no objection to having a Sainsbury’s but it is the site we object to.

“We are all aware of how dangerous Wortley Road is and we are going to oppose anything which will add to that danger.”

Campaigners feared the worst after English Heritage refused to grant the building listed status, which could have prevented its demolition.

But the strength of feeling – and concern that delivery lorries could put the public at risk – was not lost on the planning committee, who united in a unanimous vote against the proposal.

Councillors went against planning officers and councillors cited concerns over traffic problems and safety as the reasons for the refusal.

Peter Rippon, chairman of the committee, said: “It is very rare that I go against council officers but I know that road well. I am not convinced by the traffic survey.

“Wortley Road is already horrendous.”

The committee also recorded that they did not believe the design of the development was in keeping with the character of High Green in their refusal.