Sheffield pupils inspired to try to make a difference

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Pupils at a Sheffield school are ensuring the London 2012 legacy lives on after rubbing shoulders with an Olympic champion.

Despite the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games having ended more than a year ago, the memories remain fresh at Westfield School in Sothall.

A handful of pupils attended a Get Set to Make a Change workshop where they were given expert advice from London 2012 canoe slalom gold medallist Tim Baillie and Athens 2004 paralympic swimming champion Natalie Jones.

They were also offered support and ideas to plan a community project to encourage people to come together.

Thirteen-year-old Neve Moore, who attended the workshop, said: “I think we learned a lot from the workshop about how to get the message out and to support everyone in the community.

“We are going to do a Paralympic day for people who have learning difficulties.

“We also want people in our school who have learning difficulties to become a leader for the day.

“Tim and Natalie were interesting because it showed how much determination you have to have to become a champion.”

Also in attendance was 14-year-old Lisa Bowheer from Stone Hill School, Doncaster, who is now bursting with a host of new ideas.

Lisa said: “My school hasn’t quite decided what we want to do yet but the workshop has given us lots of ideas about how we can help out.

“And the main thing I have learned is that helping others is a really good thing to do.

“It was cool to meet the athletes and to hear about all the things they have done in their careers as well.”

n Through GSTMC, the British Olympic Foundation, in conjunction with the British Paralympic Association is using the spirit of the London Games to re-inspire young people across the UK. The project is being supported by a £2.5m grant from the Big Lottery Fund’s Keeping the Spirit of 2012 Alive campaign. For details, see