A Sheffield pub made the perfect ‘fishcake’ sign and everyone said the same thing

If you’re from Sheffield then you’ll know we do things a little differently, and better, here.

Thursday, 28th February 2019, 9:45 am
Updated Thursday, 28th February 2019, 9:47 am
The Roebuck

Our brand of the English language sets us apart from the rest of the country with visitors sometimes needing a translator to get by. 

Even our food is slightly different to everyone else, with Henderson’s Relish serving as the crown jewel to any meal. 

The Roebuck

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So, if you’re ordering a fishcake in Sheffield and are expecting a patty of shredded fish with mashed potato, coated in batter and fried then prepare to be surprised. 

As we all know, a Sheffield fishcake is a kind of fish sandwich – fish between two slices of potato and fried in with the chips. 

Finding a decent fishcake in Sheffield isn’t too difficult, but sadly the same can’t be said as soon as you leave our Steel City. 

Thankfully, the Roebuck Tavern serves proper, local-style fishcakes and has told its customers in true Sheffield fashion. 

Hilarious sign outside The Roebuck - Credit: Martin Poole

A sign outside the pub reads: “Proper Sheffield fish cake served here! (Not your rissole rubbish)”

Sheffield residents were quick to applaud the pub’s sign and agreed the Sheffield fishcake was superior to all else. 

Keiron Woodhouse said: “Been in Sheffield for the day and that’s the first thing I have to eat when over, we can get them in Blackpool but not the same.”

Louisa Muntus said: “Live in the south now and have to have a proper fish cake when I come home, can’t stand the southern muck! Same with the water.”

Heather Jepson said: “Don't often come home to Sheffield without making straight for Pete's chippy at Grenoside for fishcake and chips. There is one chippy local to me (Isle of Wight) that claims to do Yorkshire fishcakes but I haven't tried them yet. So much more expensive down here. Fish and chips for two is 50 per cent more here.”

Su Peters Baker said: “I relocated to Mablethorpe and they haven’t got a clue here how to cook a decent fish cake. So when I visit my kids and grandkid back in Sheffield I gorge on them and get as many in as possible.”