Sheffield protest over ‘fit for work’ assessments

Protesters in Sheffield city centre
Protesters in Sheffield city centre
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Campaigners called for an end to an ‘unfair system’ which they say is forcing sick and disabled people to go back to work.

The protest outside the Atos assessment centre in Hartshead Square in Sheffield city centre was against the company’s work capability assessment which it carries out for the Department of Work and Pensions.

Eammon Ward, spokesman for Sheffield’s Green party, said: “I was standing next to a man who had worked for 33 years until he had his arm fully ripped off at the age of 49, he still gets very bad referral pain from that. But he has had his benefit stopped because he failed an ATOS assessment.

“The problem is that ATOS are working to targets.

“There shouldn’t be targets, people are either fit to work or they are unfit to work.

“It is an unfair system and a very stressful one that is declaring people fit for work when they are not.”