Sheffield Pride committee announce resignation

The committee behind Sheffield Pride have resigned
The committee behind Sheffield Pride have resigned
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The committee behind Sheffield Pride have announced their resignation, saying the last year has been the 'most challenging yet'.

Sheffield Pride held its 10th anniversary event earlier this year, which was a colourful and inclusive event attended by thousands of people.

However, despite it's success, the committee who organised the event have now released a statement of resignation.

Earlier this year the Sheffield Pride committee came under heavy criticism for a guidance sheet stating the event was a “celebration, not protest” which led to a backlash from the community.

They later released a statement, admitting that they'd got it wrong.

Dominic Martin, the communication Manager for Pride Sheffield said: “It is really with a heavy heart that we’ve all chosen to step aside but we really hope a new group of people can come together to continue pride for many years to come as it’s become an important annual event for the LGBT+ community.

"Pride in Sheffield has grown and grown each year and 10 years having a pride event is amazing.”

Many praised this year's event, saying it was one of the best prides in Sheffield.

According Dominic Martin, communications manager for Sheffield Pride, each member of the committee has different reasons for resigning and that 'so much is done in the background to put on that event free of charge for everyone'.

He said: "We started back in October and there have been hours of work involved each week; I have a full time role outside of pride so I really struggle here.

"Pride Sheffield achieved many new things this year including having the Lord Mayor open the main stage, the biggest parade so far, the rainbow flag flying at the town hall, and were honoured that Meadowhall lit up the night sky in rainbow colours."

The statement says that the committees efforts have been constantly criticised, including 'demoralising and unhelpful comments' on Facebook and Twitter.

The statement released by the committee said: Over the last ten years Pride in Sheffield has continued to attract more and more people each year, providing a space where everyone can come together regardless of their gender or sexuality and have a great day out with their friends, family and allies.

"The 10th anniversary Pride event was a huge success once again with many people saying it was one of the best prides in the city.

"This past year has been the most challenging yet: the sponsorship support from many businesses has dwindled over the years, there have been more restraints and costs put on us by the relevant agencies, several of the bars and companies seem to cash-in on pride but haven't contributed to pride or got involved on the day, and donations on the day (buckets) were substantially less than last year.

"An awful lot of unpaid work is done in the background; from liaising with licensing authorities, securing contracts (catering, toilets, stage, technical, security, marquees), advertising, securing funding, dealing with requests from the press, maintaining the website and social media and then the organising of the parade, the traffic management, acts, stall holders and all the other volunteers on the day - not forgetting all the processes and procedures we have to write!

"Our committees’ efforts have been constantly criticised which has included demoralising and unhelpful comments especially on Facebook and Twitter where we're actually trying to promote the event and to make it better for everyone: it certainly felt like what we’ve done was not appreciated.

"It is therefore with regret that the whole Pride Sheffield committee has chosen to resign and we will no longer provide an annual pride event in Sheffield. Our financial accounts are due to be audited, as they are each year, and any leftover funds will be donated to the South Yorkshire LGBT+ awards as per our constitution.

"We wish whoever takes over well and hope Pride in Sheffield will continue for many more years to come."