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Conservationists say new buildings will be bland, now there is one for the book.

Let’s start again – we knock down buildings with character and build something bland.

This is Sheffield’s style they are referring to here. If they were running a business they would be bankrupt by now.

Let’s look at facts! Sheffield Homes disappear, the council take over and employ Amey.

March 15, Keir Services are due to end. What do we do?

The exchange of housing stock was based on in house by the council, (insourcing).

It has been recommended that the Housing Repairs and Maintenance, (HR&M) service andtis insourced from April 1, 2017.

The council say this will give the council more control, flexibility and accountability.

Perhaps they can explain why Kier were there, followed by subcontracted labour.

Where is the accountability and who is examining their work?

The council should explain their accountability before it is too late for the housing stock.

The extended time of 2017 is too long and if there is too much work for Kier to cope with, let’s get the transfer done sooner and engage with some of our out-of-work lads for apprenticeships.

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