Sheffield pooch Nora needs a new home

Staffordshire Terrier crossbreed Nora, is looking for a home
Staffordshire Terrier crossbreed Nora, is looking for a home
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Lovely pooch Nora isn’t batty and there’s no need to keep fixing her stockings.

Her new potential owner may be too young to remember the beloved TV series Last of the Summer Wine but, like that much-loved classic, this Staffordshire Terrier crossbreed will provide plenty of chuckles and laughter.

Currently being cared for by RSPCA Sheffield, eight-year-old Nora is looking for a permanent loving home to call her own.

RSPCA Sheffield branch animal care manager Tony Benham said: “Nora is a delightful dog. Her age gives her maturity and doggy manners and this lovely lady has no known health issues.

“She would be a good pet for first time dog owners.

“In terms of exercise, we would advise Nora has a minimum of two lots of 30 to 45-minute walks per day, plus stimulated play time when possible.

“It’s important for owners to understand that exercise patterns can be alternated and additional mental or training activities added in, or even on occasion to replace a walking session.

“If you think Nora could be the cherry to go on your cake, then please do come and meet her.

“She doesn’t need a lap of luxury - just your love, routine and good care.”

For further details on Nora, contact the RSPCA Sheffield on 0114 289 8050.