Sheffield pooch needs a home

Kizzy is looking for a happy ending to her sad tale
Kizzy is looking for a happy ending to her sad tale
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Cute canine Kizzy is looking for a second chance in life after arriving at RSPCA’s Sheffield branch severely underweight and with large sores on her body.

Today the snowy white Staffordshire Terrier is back to the correct weight for her size and her wounds are healed.

All Kizzy wants now is a permanent home and a happy ending to her sad tale.

RSPCA Sheffield branch animal care manager Tony Benham said: “Kizzy loves attention and affection but she won’t want too much rolling about or intrusive handling so she would benefit from a home with owners who have some experience in managing and working with dogs with some training needs.

“She loves to play, and although she is sometimes reluctant to give up her favourite toys, she will usually swap them willingly for something else to play with or for a tasty titbit as a reward.

“Kizzy is currently on steroids for her skin condition which has vastly improved and for which the centre can offer financial support.

“She will also need regular weekly baths but this snowy beauty with her gem of a personality is well worth the extra input.”

n For more information on Kizzy, contact RSPCA Sheffield on 0114 289 8050.