Sheffield police chief praises bravery of student officers who helped disarm machete man

Attack in McDonalds SheffieldAttack in McDonalds Sheffield
Attack in McDonalds Sheffield
Two of the four officers who ran to disarm a man armed with a machete in Sheffield city centre were students, a senior police chief has revealed.

City centre businesses were put on high alert at around 9.30am this morning after a man was seen carrying the large knife on CCTV.

The man reportedly then attacked a member of the public with the machete outside McDonalds on High Street, causing him serious injuries.

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However police were on the scene within two minutes, disarming the man and arresting the 21-year-old on suspicion of attempted murder.

Now, Superintendent Paul McCurry has revealed that two of the four officers who responded were student officers, and has singled them out for special praise.

He said: “Of the four police officers involved in this matter have run towards danger two are student officers. These acts of bravery highlight the tremendous work our officers do to make Sheffield a safe place.”

The 47-year-old victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

A number of city centre buildings were placed on lockdown but the incident is not thought to be terror related.

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