Sheffield people more likely to be seen NAKED than anywhere else in UK

People living in Sheffield are more likely to be seen naked by their neighbours than anywhere else in the UK.

Monday, 29th January 2018, 1:50 pm
Updated Monday, 29th January 2018, 1:55 pm
Sheffield people are more likely to be seen nude by neighbours than anywhere else in the UK.

New research has revealed that people in Sheffield are the most likely to catch their neighbours baring all - with 60% of people in the city admitting they have seen them in the nude.

And the sight of neighbours strutting around their homes fully naked is something the majority of the public is all too familiar with, according to the study.

Over a third of Brits said that they’ve caught sight of their neighbours a bit too up close and personal, by seeing of those next-door baring all in their birthday suits.

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The public admitted that they’ve seen more of their neighbours that they’d ever imagine to, leading them to think twice about popping over to ask for some sugar or collecting parcels, due to the mental images of seeing them naked.

When it came to pin pointing where you’re most likely to catch who like to get a little too comfortable around the house, Sheffield came out as the nation’s capital. 60% of its residents admitted to seeing nude neighbours, whether it was from inside their own home, or while walking past.

Elsewhere, Wales’ capital, Cardiff, was the UK’s second highest naked neighbour hotspot, followed by Belfast and Edinburgh (50%), with Manchester rounding off the top five (47%).

The research, by window blind retailer, Direct Blinds, was part of an investigation into home security. It also found how often Brits are keeping their homes secure by ensuring doors are locked, as well as how many people would trust leaving a key in a safe place for a friend or family.

Residents in Liverpool leave less to chance when it comes to home security, with 81% deciding to always lock the doors when leaving the house, to keep out any unwanted guests.

When it comes to leaving keys for loved ones, Edinburgh citizens are the most trusting in the UK, with 57% claiming that they’d hide a key in a safe place outside the house, far over double the national average of 26% who’d do the same.

David Roebuck, Managing Director at Direct Blinds, said: “Many Britons have no qualms when it comes to wandering around their house naked and even more of a surprise that many of those would be doing so with their front door unlocked.

“Seeing your neighbours literally in the flesh can make for some awkward moments during encounters, it’s understandable to see that people might struggle to take them seriously or see them in the same light after seeing them in their birthday suits."