Sheffield pensioner vows to fight council over parking fine

Battle: John Agars.
Battle: John Agars.
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BAILIFFS have called at the home of a Sheffield pensioner as a three-year dispute over a parking ticket looks set to rage on.

John Agars, aged 69, has criticised Derbyshire Dales District Council for sending bailiffs to his Sheffield home after he agreed to pay the original cost of a fine issued in 2009.

The retired heating engineer received a ticket after leaving van over white lines in a car park while taking his 89-year-old mother to the toilet during a day out in Bakewell.

He wrote to the authority, explaining his mother suffered from osteoporosis and his hasty parking had been in an emergency, in a bid to have the ticket cancelled, but his plea was rejected.

The council said it gave Mr Agars, of Bole Hill Lane, Crookes, information on how to challenge its decision, but his mother died at about the same time.

His application for an extension to his appeal was rejected at Sheffield County Court in August, after which he agreed to pay what he owed.

Unaware of the exact figure, he was reassured by solicitors outside the court he would receive a letter stating how he could pay the cost.

But he claims he received no word until bailiffs came to his home this week.

Mr Agars said: “I wouldn’t let them in. It’s frightening to have them coming around here. I said I’d pay the original price of the ticket as a compromise.

“I won’t let the council win. I get stopped when I am walking in the street in Crookes by people congratulating me for not backing down.”

The cost of the £30 ticket has increased to £82, but council bosses say he is incurring a cost each time he turns bailiffs away.

A council spokesman said: “The matter was passed on to bailiffs by us, because we were getting absolutely no communication from Mr Agars.

“This was a last option we took reluctantly after all other attempts to communicate with Mr Agars had failed.

“The amount he owes the bailiffs is between Mr Agars and the bailiffs.

“Every time he turns them away he incurs more expense, but it doesn’t increase the £82 he owes the council.”