Sheffield pensioner denies raping teenager

Amanda Spencer . Pic: ''Paul Macnamara/
Amanda Spencer . Pic: ''Paul Macnamara/
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A pensioner accused of sexually assaulting three girls and raping one of them has told a court he couldn’t have committed the offences - because he was impotent.

The 68-year-old Sheffield man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, denies sexually abusing the girls at the home he shared with his wife.

It is alleged the girls, two of whom were under 16, were taken to his home by 23-year-old family friend Amanda Spencer, for sexual favours in return for money.

She denies 38 child prostitution offences.

A Sheffield Crown Court jury heard the first girl was 13 when the pensioner is alleged to have got her drunk and raped her in his living room, between February and December 2009.

Giving evidence in his defence he denied giving the teenager alcohol, claiming they drank tea, and denied raping her.

“I couldn’t have done it. My wife was sitting there in her chair. I couldn’t have done it, not with my osteoarthritis in my spine,” he said.

He said at the time he was suffering from impotence, so would not have been able to rape the girl.

The OAP denied giving Spencer £30 afterwards, stating: “No, that never happened either.”

The pensioner was then asked about claims he’d sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl brought to his home by Spencer in June 2009.

He admitted sleeping in the same bed as Spencer and the girl, but claimed nothing sexual happened, adding his wife was asleep in a different bedroom.

“Nothing happened at all except they were giggling and whispering for about five minutes, then I must have fallen asleep,” he said.

The pensioner also denied the sexual touching of a 20-year-old woman brought to his home by Spencer.

The jury heard the OAP was seen for impotence by his GP in 1999, and then by a consultant at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in 2003.

He was given a repeat prescription for Viagra until 2010.

The jury heard he had also been issued with ‘abduction notices’ by the police, banning him from associating with girls under 16.

The trial continues.