Sheffield parents pay less than national average for childcare costs

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Parents in Sheffield pay much less than the national average for childcare costs, figures have revealed.

City families pay £6.28 an hour on average across all childcare types, including childminding, babysitting, nannying and day nurseries, which is nearly 13 per cent lower than the national average hourly rate of £7.16.

Networking platform also found that for every pound parents in the UK spend on childcare, parents in Sheffield spend just 87p.

The most expensive type of childcare in Sheffield is nannying, which costs on average £8.80 per hour, followed by babysitting at £7.29, day nurseries at £4.91 and childminding at £4.10.

The London hourly average for childcare sits more than 35 per cent higher than Sheffield at £8.45, meaning Sheffield parents pay on average more than £2.17 an hour less than parents in the capital.

Nannying in Sheffield is more than 10 per cent cheaper per hour than the national average of £9.81, babysitting is nearly 13 per cent less than the national average of £8.32. Sheffield day nurseries are more than 12 per cent cheaper than the rest of the country with the national average sitting at £5.60. Childminding is the cheapest type of childcare and is 16 per cent cheaper than the national average of £4.89.

More than 1, 525 people are actively looking for childcare across Sheffield, with more than 505 service providers searching for work.

Richard Conway, founder, said: "We have thousands of childcare providers across the UK and it’s interesting to see that Sheffield prices are so much lower than other big cities and the national average."