Sheffield pair spared eviction in last chance court order

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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Two council tenants have been given one last chance to keep their home – after one was taken to court for her anti-social behaviour.

Jane Pask and Stephen Blackburn are joint tenants of a home on Framlingham Place, Arbourthorne.

Sheffield Council applied to the city’s county court for possession of their home after reports Ms Pask, aged 41, had been abusive to neighbours.

She broke glass in a neighbour’s door in 2012, then shouted abuse at others and threw stones at their windows several times.

She was arrested and taken to court, where she was convicted of criminal damage and disorderly behaviour.

But the council said the situation became worse in autumn 2013 when Ms Pask continued to ignore warnings, be abusive and cause damage.

The council applied to county court and a trial was held last week.

A suspended possession order was put in place, which means the tenants can stay in the property subject to strict conditions.

If they are broken in the next 18 months they could be evicted.