Sheffield OAP refused repairs by Harveys after being told blood pressure pills ‘contaminated’ armchairs

Barbara Challons at her home in Mosborough with the letter and report from Harveys.
Barbara Challons at her home in Mosborough with the letter and report from Harveys.
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A Sheffield pensioner was stunned when a store refused to repair her armchairs – blaming damage on her medication.

Barbara Challons, aged 79, of Ash Street, Mosborough, bought two chairs from Harveys furniture store at Drake House Retail Park, Drakehouse – but said the two chairs have been plagued by problems.

After contacting the store to arrange for repairs to the armchairs, which she bought for £500 three years ago, an inspector visited her home.

She was then sent a letter by the firm along with a report from the company’s repairs partner, blaming the damage on sweat .

It said: “We have advised the customer that as she takes medication, this has affected the sofa. She does take high blood pressure tablets, this is unrepairable as now contaminated.

“The chairs are nearly three years old, this is from sweat through taking medication. No repair possible.”

Mrs Challons said she was ‘shocked’ and that she showed the report to her doctor, who ‘laughed at it’.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it. It’s a load of rubbish. To say my taking tablets damaged the chairs is unreal.

“When the man came to look at the damage, he asked me if I was on any blood pressure medication and I said yes.

“He said that must be causing the damage.

“I was shocked. I said ‘I have never heard such rubbish in my life’. I was really cross.”

In a letter to Mrs Challons accompanying the report, Harveys said there was ‘no manufacturing defect’ and that she would need to pay an upholsterer to assess the chairs to challenge the decision.

Harveys did not comment to The Star.