Sheffield nightmare neighbour jail threat

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A WOMAN who made her neighbour’s life a misery for years faces instant arrest if she breaches an anti-social behaviour injunction.

The power of arrest order against Sarah Newey is the first ever obtained by Sheffield Council and Sheffield Homes.

It means Ms Newey could be returned to court within 24 hours of an arrest and, if found in breach of the injunction, she could be sent to prison for up to two years.

It is unusual for the council to obtain an injunction against someone who is no longer a council tenant, in order to protect a neighbour who is an owner occupier.

The emergency order prohibits Newey from causing a nuisance to her former neighbour or entering Grimsell Close, Foxhill, where she used to live.

Newey, aged 35, was evicted from her former home last month following numerous breaches of her tenancy conditions due to anti-social behaviour.

The application for the emergency anti-social behaviour injunction was heard by Judge Graham Robinson at Sheffield County Court and lasts until June 2013. Newey was ordered to pay the council’s legal costs of £1,750.45.