Sheffield nightclub drug dealers sent to jail

Jack Carrington and Zac Grainger
Jack Carrington and Zac Grainger
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Two flatmates who supplied Class A drugs to Sheffield clubbers have been jailed for two and a half years each.

Friends Zac Grainger and Jack Carrington, both 22, used a flat on West Street in the city centre as a base for their drug dealing operation, supplying both friends and strangers with substances including cocaine, ecstasy, MDMA and cannabis.

They were both jailed for 30 months at Sheffield Crown Court after admitting several drug charges.

Their criminal operation was uncovered by police after Carrington was caught in the DQ club in Bowdon Street with cocaine – leading to a search of their flat and the discovery of more drugs.

They used the money they made to fund their own drug-taking lifestyles.

Sentencing, Judge Sarah Wright said: “Over a period of about a year, ending with your arrests in February, you supplied cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis in the nightclubs and pubs of Sheffield.

“It is clear you were supplying both to people you knew and people you didn’t know – largely on the nightclub scene. You were selling for profit and bought in ounces and sold in grams.

“When you were arrested your flat in the city centre was searched and illicit drugs were found there. Your phones were seized and upon the phones was the evidence of your dealing.”

Judge Wright said both men came from stable backgrounds and had no previous convictions. But she said that meant they had ‘absolutely no excuse for offending in this way.’

She said: “Both of you are from loving and supportive families, both of you had opportunities in life not open to others.

“But I do accept you have both learned a very hard lesson indeed.”

She said Grainger: “You were caught up in the drugs culture and despite dealing for profit, you had nothing left to show for it.

“Your family stood by you and you are very lucky to have that support. It goes without saying you have let them down.”

Judge Wright said she had no option but to send both men to prison.

She said: “Drugs are a blight on society, they have far-reaching and damaging effects.

“Drug dealing cannot be condoned under any circumstances whatsoever.”

Both men were sentenced to 30 months imprisonment.