Sheffield neighbourhood dubbed “Wild West” as bad drivers ignore the law

A Sheffield neighbourhood is suffering so badly from inconsiderate parking that retailers say it is damaging business.

Saturday, 19th January 2019, 9:39 am
Updated Thursday, 16th May 2019, 6:04 pm
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Both shop owners and residents in Nether Edge say dangerous parking is a chronic problem and the area feels like the Wild West as drivers blatantly ignore the law.

There are numerous examples of cars parking on pavements, on white junction lines and over pedestrian crossings.

Green councillor Alison Teal organised a round table discussion with residents and retailers to highlight the problems.

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She said: “The increasingly dangerous and inconsiderate parking we are seeing is causing great concern across the community, particularly for young families and disabled people who rely on dropped curbs to cross the road.

“I feel really angry about the drivers who think it’s acceptable to force children to walk in traffic.

“Anti-social parking is a huge problem across the city and particularly around here. We have been complaining but nothing seems to change. We hope that if residents put pressure on the council, it will have an effect.”

Local resident Paul Meadows said the council needs to enforce the law more strenuously.

“You do see very dodgy parking on London Road. I saw one car which must have been driven on a pedestrian crossing and was parked 15 yards on the pavement,” he said.

“This is a major road and it feels unorganised. It feels like the Wild West. One Tuesday evening there there 22 cars parked on double yellow lines and four parked on the pavement.

“Parking legislation is complicated and people can’t process it so they ignore it but the other problem is you don’t see any legislation enforced. We need parking wardens and police stopping motorists.”

James Wallbank, who owns the shop Makers on the Edge on Abbeydale Road, said bad parking directly impacts on trade.

“I continue to spot numerous examples of antisocial parking, including the one that annoys me the most – the business killer practice of parking right in front of a shopfront, eclipsing the business,” he said.

“This gives the impression that the premises are not operating and camouflages someone’s business.”

Sheffield Council Cabinet members were unavailable for comment.