Sheffield neighbourhood on alert after three attacks in two weeks

Parents with children at a Sheffield school have been issued with a warning after three attacks in the area in the space of two weeks.

Friday, 13th September 2019, 4:42 pm
The incidents have taken park in the Norfolk Park area.

All Saints Catholic High School, near Norfolk Park, sent a letter to parents and carers this week urging them to talk to their children about ‘keeping safe and being vigilant on their way to and from school’.

The school said there have been three incidents ‘in the area,’ where people have been assaulted.

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The letter claims that the incidents have been reported to the police and officers are working with local schools.

It is not stated in the letter whether the three victims all attend All Saints Catholic High School, but Intervention Manager, Mr Stokes, wrote: “As we start the new academic year and look forward to working with your children, it is timely that we remind you to talk to your children about keeping safe and being vigilant on their way to and from school.

“As part of our safeguarding duty, we do however need to inform you that over the last two weeks there have been three incidents where people have been assaulted in the area.

“We do not want to cause alarm but feel it is our duty to inform you as parents that these incidents have happened and also to let you know that the police are aware and are working closely with local schools, passing on any information that we need to know.”