Sheffield named cheapest city in England to buy coffee - and 13th best place in the world for a cut price caffeine shot

Sheffield has been named as the best place in England to get a cheap coffee - and the 13th best city in the world for a cut price caffeine fix.

Thursday, 17th November 2016, 8:19 am
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 11:21 am
Sheffield is one of the world's cheapest places to buy coffee.

Coffee drinkers in Sheffield pay £1.45 on average for their cuppa - making it the number one place in England for a brew and just behind Dundee, which was named as the cheapest place in Britain in the survey.

The results were enough to put Sheffield in the world's top twenty places - which was topped by Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where on average, a cup costs 84p.

London is the UK's most expensive city for coffee, at an average of £1.62 while the most expensive in the world is Zurich in Switzerland at £5.72.

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Explaining the cost variations, Chris Stemman, executive director of the British Coffee Association, said: 'Coffee prices vary in different countries depending on whether or not it is imported, Rio de Janeiro for instance does not import coffee as it is a produce grown in Brazil and much of Latin America.

'Additionally, pricing depends on the type of coffee bean that is commonly consumed, in the UK we favour Arabica for its smoother taste but this is a premium priced bean.

'Comparatively in France and other countries the Robusta bean is popular and this is priced more cheaply compared to Arabica.

'Finally, and specifically to the UK, the weakening of the pound has had an impact on coffee, which is traded as a dollar commodity, so again the cost of importing coffee into the UK has risen.'

To compile the index, Service Partner ONE compared the median cost of coffee at home, the cost of coffee in Starbucks, the average cost of a cup at an independent coffee shop and the average cost to a company per cup in an office. From these figures, average costs were calculated.