Sheffield Muslims spread message of peace to those in need

A group of young Muslims in Sheffield hope to spread a universal message of peace by providing hot drinks and snacks to homeless people.

Monday, 12th March 2018, 3:51 pm
Updated Monday, 12th March 2018, 3:55 pm
An Nasiha on the street's of Sheffield.

As temperatures plummeted earlier this month, An Nasiha - a group which works locally and nationally to promote better understanding of Islam in the United Kingdom - hit the streets.

With a giant flask of tea and a bag full of biscuits, they say they took as their inspiration one of Islam's central teachings - to spread peace and feed people.

An Nasiha on the street's of Sheffield.

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Group member, Naheem Khaliq, said: "Living in England you think that everyone has got money but you would be shocked if you came out on to the streets.

“You see reality and it breaks us up. We want other people to have what we have.”

“It is freezing cold but we have got heaters we can pay our bills. But there are people out here who are hungry cold and just need a bit of help.

“Biscuits and teas only a small initiative but small things can make a big difference."

An Nasiha on the street's of Sheffield.

Organisers say they hope the event will become a monthly occurrence - and encourage others to take up the group's message of ‘inspiration, guidance and light’.

They say their actions are grounded in 'classical, reputable' Islamic scholarship and traditions, firmly rooted in ensuring the preservation, promotion and understanding of the divine message.

Another group member, Mashood Nazir, said: "When you are relaxed at home you don't really think about the homeless but we want to help our local people.

"Our responsibility as good Muslims is to help the community - whether they be Muslims or non-Muslims - in their time of need."

An Nasiha on the street's of Sheffield.

To learn more about An Nasiha, find them on Facebook.

An Nasiha on the street's of Sheffield.