Sheffield murder suspect heard saying ‘they got me’

Father-of-two Grant Bodell,  Windy House Lane, Manor, was found dead on June 21, 2014
Father-of-two Grant Bodell, Windy House Lane, Manor, was found dead on June 21, 2014
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One of the men accused of killing Sheffield dad Grant Bodell was heard on a secret police recording to say ‘murder, they got me’, a court heard.

Father-of-two Grant Bodell, aged 23, was shot to death in park land off Queen Mary Road, in the Manor, in June 2014 after he was wrongly implicated in a gangland feud.

Marvis Smith, 30, of Park Grange Road, Norfolk Park, Torrington Smith, 26, of Samuel Close, Norfolk Park, Stevin Pierre, 24, of Waterslacks Close, Woodhouse, and Brendon McFarlane, 22, of Hyde Park Terrace, Park Hill, are all charged with his murder.

Sheffield Crown Court heard yesterday that police fitted secret recording devices to cars used by the defendants while they were being questioned in connection with the murder.

In one of the recordings, immediately after a police interview in September 2014, Stevin Pierre was heard to say: “They got me... murder, they got me.”

The court previously heard that the four defendants were part of a ‘drug dealing gang’, which was headed-up by Marvis Smith.

In a recording from November 2014, Marvis Smith was heard talking in detail about his drug dealing operation.

In the recording Marvis Smith also said he believed an associate drug dealer, Nicholas McGhee, had told police information which had led to his initial arrest.

Adrian Waterman, prosecuting, told the court: “Marvis Smith believed McGhee was doing this to get him out of the way so that McGhee, who was also a drug dealer, would benefit.”

He added: “Then he goes on about killing McGhee as he believed he was an informer.”

In the recording Marvis Smith was heard to say ‘we have done the perfect thing’.

Mr Waterman said: “The ‘perfect thing’? A murder which he thought could not be traced.”

The court heard that the defendants’ phones were traced to an address in High Street Lane before the shooting.

Their phones were also traced to Manor Fields Park at around the time of the shooting, the jury was told.

Mr Waterman said: “It is the prosecution’s case that Marvis Smith, Torrington Smith, Stevin Pierre and Brendon McFarlane were in that group of people who went to Manor Field Park and shot, what turned out to be, Grant Bodell.”

All four defendants deny murder. The trial continues.