Sheffield mum who neglected dog banned from keeping animals

Dolly had long claws an ear and eye infections
Dolly had long claws an ear and eye infections
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A woman who failed to seek veterinary treatment for her ‘emaciated’ dog which had been suffering from an ear infection for weeks has been banned from keeping animals for three years.

Amanda Tracey Fletcher’s neglected British Bulldog was found by police in a room covered in urine and faeces without food or water, Sheffield magistrates heard.

Dolly was emaciated and her ribs could be seen.

Dolly was emaciated and her ribs could be seen.

Prosecutor Brian Orsborn said police called at the property on an unrelated matter and after moving a washing machine pushed in front of a door, found nine-year-old Dolly, who was partially blind, in a back room.

“Her ribs, hips and spine were clearly visible and she had a dry eye condition,” Mr Orsborn said.

“She was confined to a room in the back of the property. There was a window open but no food or water. There was urine and faeces all over the floor.”

Dolly was taken to a vet where she was weighed – she was 14kgs when a a dog of her breed and age should have weighed around 18.

On a weight scale, where ‘one’ was emaciated and five was ‘obese’ she was given a score of one.

Mr Orsborn said: “She was also found to have a chronic infection of the ear canals and conjunctivitis in both eyes.”

The pet also had a dry eye condition and a greasy, smelly coat.

Mr Orsborn said vets said she had had the eye condition for around eight weeks.

Mum-of-four Fletcher told the RSPCA she thought the dog was just getting old and believed she was feeding her enough.
She said she had lost her job and did not have enough money to take Dolly to the vet.

Fletcher, aged 43, of Liberty Place, Stannington, Sheffield, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and failing to maintain Dolly’s body condition.

John Thompson, defending, said: “Dolly was a much loved dog who was getting old. She sought support from the PDSA previously for a skin condition but was told she was not on the right benefit.

“She went away for a month and left Dolly in the care of her son.”

Magistrates gave Fletcher a 12-month community order and told her to carry out 60 hours unpaid work. She was also ordered to pay £300 costs, a £60 victim surcharge and was banned from keeping animals for three years.