Sheffield mum shares urgent warning after thieves break into her home as her son slept upstairs

Handsworth Crescent - Google Maps
Handsworth Crescent - Google Maps
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A horrified Sheffield mum has shared an urgent warning after thieves tried breaking into her home early this morning.

The woman said the thieves tried breaking into her home on Handsworth Crescent at about 1.30am while her 11-year-old son was asleep upstairs.

Thankfully, a neighbour was able to ring the police in time as she was 'totally unaware' and 'probably sound asleep'.

However, despite the near miss, the mum took to Facebook to warn other parents to keep their windows locked in the warm weather.

She said: "This is also a reminder to everyone. Even though the weather is warm please remember to shut and lock all windows/doors before going to bed.

"I stupidly left a small window open downstairs and totally forgot about it and that's how they got in.

"The window was really small too and I never thought anyone would get through but I was wrong. My lesson has well and truly been learnt."

If you have any information call police on 101.