Sheffield mum 'shamed' for using disabled Meadowhall toilets with her baby and pram

A Sheffield mum has hit out after being 'shamed' for using the disabled toilets at Meadowhall with her baby and pram.
Vicky Laban with her son (s)Vicky Laban with her son (s)
Vicky Laban with her son (s)

Vicky Laban, from Hoyland, was shopping with her one-year-old son William in Meadowhall on Monday, October 9, when she needed to use the toilet.

The 30-year-old said she decided to use the shopping centre's disabled toilets as her pram would not fit into a regular cubicle.

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However, as Vicky left the disabled toilets, she said she was met with a disapproving elderly man who told her she 'shouldn't be using' the toilets.

The mum-of-two has now posted a message to Meadowhall on Facebook calling for more 'accessible toilets' for shoppers with prams.

She wrote: "My baby was in his pram and I needed the toilet so took him in the temporary disabled toilets so I could wheel the pram in with me.

"Upon leaving the toilet another shopper showed their disgust at me being in a disabled toilet without a disability.

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"How am I meant to go to the toilet with my child in his pram? I am alone so I can't leave him outside while I go in.

"Should I be expected to remove him and leave my pram outside with the risk of my belongings being stolen?

"I think that during your overhaul it should be a priority to add some 'accessible' toilets that shoppers with prams can use without judgement."

Vicky said this is not the first time she has been shamed for having to use a disabled toilets with her baby and pram.

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"I had two under 2's with me and used a disabled toilet outside Debenhams with my double buggy," she said.

"When I left, there was a woman waiting outside who said it was appalling that I had used a disabled facility."

The post has resonated with other parents who said they have found themselves in Vicky's situation on numerous occasions.

Naomi Carr said: "I found this difficult to do before they put the toilets outside. I used to struggle getting into the baby changing and taking my pram into the 1 toilet in there."

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Charlotte Bell said: "I've had the same problem, had a lady banging on the door and trying the handle telling me to hurry up.

"A few times I've had to go to the normal lady's toilets and leave the door open a little just so I could see the pram but with a baby especially that can't walk or stand you can't just get them out and hold them while you go to the toilet."

A spokesperson for Meadowhall responded to Vicky on Facebook and said: "Thank you for your feedback, which as noted, we have passed on to the relevant teams.

"As a Centre we strive to offer a range of facilities for all our shoppers, and encourage a common sense approach to their use. If you would like to discuss anything further please contact us via Direct Message."