Sheffield mum seeks action after girl’s injury

Sumiah Mohammed aged 5 whose head was cut open by another child throwing a chair at Hucklow Primary School. Mum Natallie Law.
Sumiah Mohammed aged 5 whose head was cut open by another child throwing a chair at Hucklow Primary School. Mum Natallie Law.
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A Sheffield mum is demanding action after her five-year-old daughter was badly cut after being hit by a toy chair at school.

Sumiah Mohammed was taken to hospital by her mother Natalie Law where the wound in her forehead was treated with five steri-strips and glue.

Teachers at Hucklow Primary School, Firth Park, investigated the incident and found it was an accident– but Mrs Law is unhappy with the verdict.

The 31-year-old, of The Oval, Firth Park, said: “I received a phone call from the school to say my daughter had been involved in an accident and found her sat in the office with a bandage around her head.

“I was told it was nothing to worry about, but when I got her to hospital they found there was a big hole in her forehead, which was badly bruised and swollen.”

Mrs Law said she was not satisfied with the way the matter had been dealt with.

She said: “We’ve been shaken by this, because now we don’t feel Sumiah is safe at school.

“All this has really upset her and she’s not been sleeping at night.

“There’s been no punishment for the boy who was involved in the incident at all and it doesn’t seem right.”

Mrs Law said Sumiah was in her first year at Hucklow, having started classes in the foundation unit in September.

Mrs Law said: “Sumiah told me the little boy involved asked to play with her and she said no.

“He picked up the chair and then started swinging it around. Sumiah says he threw it at her, that it wasn’t an accident.

“It was a nasty injury, horrible. If it had been an inch or two lower she could have lost an eye and been blinded.”

She said Sumiah had since returned to school, but was not yet allowed to go out at playtime and had missed out on swimming lessons.

Mrs Law said: “The school says this was an accident, but it doesn’t sound that way.

“It sounds as if it was premeditated, he knew what he was doing.

“We send our children to school for an education presuming they will be safe, but clearly this wasn’t the case.

“It isn’t something I should have to be worrying about.

“I want to see some sort of action taken. At the moment it seems like this isn’t being taken seriously enough.

“The outcome could have been so much worse.”

Staff at the Hucklow Road school found that the chair had not been thrown by the boy, but was being swung around.

Susie Arnold, headteacher, said: “We are sorry this little girl received a nasty cut at school and can understand why her mother was so upset.

“This was a very unfortunate accident and we immediately investigated what had happened.

“It is clear the other child did not intend any harm, but staff have dealt with his behaviour in an appropriate manner.

“In our foundation class we have a higher than normal ratio of staff to pupils and I’ve reviewed all our procedures with them.

“I would like to reassure parents that their children’s safety is our highest priority.”