Sheffield mum's warning after her cat is found with head caught in trap for FOUR days

Trap Lottie was caught in
Trap Lottie was caught in
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A Sheffield mum has issued a warning on Facebook after her cat was found with its head caught in an animal trap.

Suzanne Horan's beloved cat Lottie had gone missing on Sunday from their home in Worrall.

Suzanne's cat Lottie (s)

Suzanne's cat Lottie (s)

However, Suzanne then got a call from a horrified neighbour four days later that the cat had been found with her head in an animal trap.

The family rushed over ad discovered an 'exhausted and distressed' Lottie in the middle of the the road, struggling to breathe.

Suzanne's son only able to free Lottie by using a saw to break through the metal.

Lottie is now recovering but Suzanne said that she is still unable to walk and is unable to eat.

She posted: "Had a call from a neighbour this morning to say they had found Lottie outside their house, with her head in some sort of animal trap.

"When we got to her she was in the road, clearly exhausted and distressed.

Thankfully the trap didn’t have teeth so no broken skin. Very tight around her head and neck, she could barely breath.

"Managed to hold her head still while my son used a saw to get through the metal. X-ray shows no broken bones but she is in pain, couldn’t walk and not eating.

"It looks like she’s going to pull through. Can’t believe she’s probably had her head in the trap for about four days, and almost made it home.

"Please be aware if you have cats in the Worrall area. Not sure where it happened, but she doesn’t tend to travel too far. Not sure if such traps are illegal."